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Trophy Big Horn Sheep

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are considered by many to be the greatest of all North American trophies. The state of Wyoming holds more bighorns and allows more tags than any other state. Alberta is the only place with more bighorn sheep, but a hunt there usually runs twice that of a Wyoming hunt. For most non-residents, Wyoming will be your best chance to hunt bighorns!

Trophy Big Horn Sheep

The lucky hunters that draw tags to hunt rams are usually in for an experience of a lifetime! These areas consist of some of the most rugged and wild mountains anywhere. All of the natural predators are back in this wilderness and that means the grizzly and the wolf will be there with us too. Bears are usually spotted on sheep hunts and we view this as a thrill and not a threat.

Trophy Big Horn SheepTrophy Big Horn Sheep

The sheep hunts we offer are very personalized 1 x 1 hunts. In most cases our sheep hunters will actually have help from two or three experienced hunters with Daylen being the main guide. We have many options on a sheep hunt. We may choose to use horses to pack and ride the backcountry or we can plan a backpack hunt. In some cases we can base camp at the end of the road and even spot rams from a vehicle.

There is no doubt that sheep hunting can be a grueling physical battle. All sheep hunters should work to be in the best shape possible. Perseverance is many times the most important aspect of sheep hunting.

We love to hunt for big rams! We watch and hunt sheep every chance we get. Let us lead you to your special ram.

Anyone seeking the ultimate adventure of sheep hunting, should definitely start applying and keep applying, or at least buy preference points. You too can achieve the pinnacle of the hunting world, but it may take time to get that special tag.

Take a look at the preference point page for more information about the draw.

Sheep tags never come easily and it might take a new applicant 15 years to build enough points to guarantee a tag.