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Trophy Elk

Hello and welcome to D&D Outfitters online! We are one of the top outfitters in Wyoming and this site will show you the hunting adventures we offer. Our primary focus is to continually strive for hunter success for our clients. One of the ways we have chosen to do this is to reduce the number of hunters we guide each year thereby providing a very personalized hunt almost to the point of making every client feel like family.

We firmly believe a great hunting adventure is made up of many aspects, not just the score of the big game trophy you take home. Some great trophies have been taken and even a few that hit record book proportions, but we would like to stress that hunting should be enjoyed for the total hunting adventure. We will try our best to help our clients from the booking to the dinner table months after the hunt.

Trophy Antelope

Hunting takes place mostly on private land and as mentioned before we take a very limited number of clients, and this has enabled us to offer hunts with very high success rates. The hunting on public land is carefully chosen to equal this same standard of hunting as on private land. It is our wish to communicate honestly what a hunt with us will entail, then provide what we’ve said in a professional and fun way. So please look through this site and learn more about hunting with D&D in wonderful Wyoming.

Trophy ElkTrophy Cougar

You will find we are very versatile. We offer hunts for many different species and hunts from the wilderness to the farm. Please feel free to give me, Daylen, a call at any time. I love to talk hunting and I love my job as a professional outfitter!

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Trophy Mule Deer

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